Author: Susan Burton

Susan Burton’s Book Tour: Denver County Jail

This blog posting is part of an ongoing series following our founder Susan Burton as she tours prisons, jails and re-entry programs across America with her book, “Becoming Ms. Burton.”  I spent my weekend visiting with over 200 women at Denver County Jail. The experience there was very moving like it has been at all Read More

Susan Burton’s Book Tour: Taconic Correctional Facility, New York

Susan Burton, founder of A New Way of Life Re-Entry Project, has embarked on a cross country tour to promote special edition of “Becoming Ms. Burton” Susan Burton is touring prisons, jails and re-entry programs across America with her book, “Becoming Ms. Burton.” She will be posting her story on Facebook and at and Read More

From Revolving Door to Re-Entry: An Interview With Susan Burton

By Victoria Law  Truthout Susan Burton survived a childhood filled with violence and abuse, battles with drug addiction and various stints behind bars. She was rebuilding her life when her five-year-old son K.K. was struck and killed by a police van. His death sent her spiraling back into a cycle of drugs and incarceration just Read More

From Prisoner to Modern Day Harriet Tubman

By Nicholas Kristof The New York Times LOS ANGELES — She was 4 years old when her aunt’s boyfriend began to abuse her sexually. Then at 14, she had a baby girl, the result of a gang rape. Soon she fell under the control of a violent pimp and began cycling through jails, prisons, addiction Read More